There is a light that never goes out...

Across the world this week there has been a unification of people who have been horrified by the terrorist atrocity that took place in Manchester. An act of cowardice that has cut short 22 lives, and has left countless others injured. Not only have 22 lives been stolen away, but the families of these lost souls have also lost an irreplaceable part of their lives. 

The thing that gets me is: For what?

What exactly has been achieved by the actions of the perpetrators? Not just the coward that blew himself up, but the others who helped mastermind the slaughter of innocent kids. In reality, they have achieved nothing. Not really. They have damaged us, but they have not broken us. 

I cannot stop thinking about what happened. Especially having seen the images of those who passed - so young, so much to live for. Young people, many of them just kids, out to enjoy live music. To enjoy life. This reminds me of the opening lyric to The Smiths - There is a light. Morrissey laments the line "Take me out tonight. Where there's music and there's people, who are young and alive"

Every single person who attended that show reflect that lyric. Every one of them. The ones who died, the ones who are still in hospital, and the ones lucky enough to be back with their families at this time. 

I can accept a lot of things, I have the patience to accept many things - except terrorism. Never will this be acceptable by anyone, anywhere or at any time. 

For them to claim it was in the name of religion is nothing more than preposterous. If your religion calls for you to kill, or hate, then you need a new religion. The people that committed this no more represent the Muslim faith, than the KKK represent Christianity. It doesn't work. 

As for the guy who blew himself up;

If you are looking up at us right now - because there is no way you're looking down, wondering what effect you had on the people of the United Kingdom, let me break it down for you: nobody is scared, people are resilient, and everyone thinks you're an idiot. You lose, not us. You're dead, and even your god thinks you're a dick!

There is a light that never goes out...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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